Swing It Events

Swing events celebrate jazz music and dance, with participants enjoying Lindy Hop and Charleston in a lively, communal setting, evoking a nostalgic, spirited, and inclusive retro ambiance.

Camp Swing It

Started with a bang in 2009 and celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, Camp Swing It (C.S.I.) is an event that truly represents the Korean swing scene and also the largest swing dance camp in Asia.

Korean Lindy Hop Championships

Krean Lindy Hop Championships (KLHC) is Korea’s largest international competition where the best lindyhoppers for each division are selected.

The Battle Korea

The Battle Korea (TBK) is a competition that is held in Korea and is open to all dancers from around the world.

Swing It Academy

Swing It Academy is a dance school that teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston, and other swing dances.